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Faktor 22, a cooperation culture, led by Amir

We are Faktor 22

Strategists & creatives: the art of experience and expertise 
Making it beautiful and visible, that is what we do. We do not make things more beautiful than they already are. We see where your strengths lie, increase them and add our touch of design and expertise to them. We are honest and sincere in this: we offer you what we can. And fortunately, that’s a lot. Thanks to our team of experienced strategists and creatives, we have a wide range of expertise.

Be enthusiastic about your company again 
We involve you in the process from start to finish, so we offer you transparency about everything that is being done. A real cooperation, that is what it is all about. We take you by the hand, teach you to look differently and bring the whole thing to life. This creates a new enthusiasm: not only for the design, but also your company.

  • Amir
    Managing Director
  • Forough
  • Majid
    Ionic Developer
  • Milou
    Copywriter (Stommelou)
  • Shahab
  • Uziar

Faktor + 22 = Determiners and connectors

Faktor (or factor) refers to a ‘co-cause or co-determining part’. In our projects, we take control of the process of conceiving, developing and implementing. By taking on this role, we have always been one of the determining factors in the success of various companies.

22 is not just any number for us. 22 refers to the cooperation and connection between two equal parties: this is at the root of our vision and working method. On the one hand, the team of Faktor 22 joins forces with each other and on the other hand, we establish a close relationship with our customers. In this way, the most beautiful products are created, and we look back on the collaborations and end products with a positive feeling.

You are Faktor 22

No project is the same, because no company is the same. However, the culture within which Faktor 22 works is the similarity in each project.
Faktor 22 values commitment, clear communication and sincerity. Only if these factors are met can a cooperation be successful. How exactly does this work? For Faktor 22, this goes without saying: he creates a culture of cooperation and takes you with him. From the beginning, this working method becomes clear and flows through the entire process, without anything being imposed.

Work method in 4 steps

  • 1 Brainstormen
    We will start with an intake. Together we look at your goals, wishes and our possibilities. This will lead to a cooperation proposal.
  • 2 Design
    Do you agree with the cooperation proposal? Great! We will now continue with the design phase of various templates and offer room for input & adjustments.
  • 3 Build
    Next up, we will start building your new website. Based on the desired design and the functionalities, we will start working.
  • 4 Optimize
    Your website goes live! Something to be proud of! The website is officially launched and hosted on our own servers. We make daily backups and check the data traffic.
  • Passionate
    Faktor 22 works from passion: a passion for creating and design, but also for reinventing your identity. For us, a new design is much more than just a beautiful total picture.
  • Honest
    Honesty is the basis for a good cooperation for Faktor 22. Honesty covers several important aspects, such as: sincerity, loyalty, openness and integrity… We can’t do without it!
  • Reliable
    We focus on good communication, create a long-term relationship and meet our commitments. Without mutual trust, working is not possible.

Nijmegen and beyond

Faktor 22 works from the heart of Nijmegen, but also looks beyond the boundaries of this creative city. Whether it concerns assignments from international clients or small companies in the region: we’ve all seen and done it before.

Let’s Talk!

Do you want to grow and grow with a new website? Come and talk to us: we like to hear from you and think along with you. We take your ambitions in one hand, your target group in the other, and bring them together in one strategy. You are in direct contact with us during the process and always have a committed role.

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