Your company: your brand

Your company is your brand. We add color and content and turn your online appearance into a remarkable whole. We build your brand and improve your online appearance. You show who you are and distinguish yourself from the rest.

What is branding exactly?

Branding is your way of expressing the brand. Your corporate identity is an important example of this. This corporate identity will be continued in all your communications: a website, flyers, brochures and business cards. Graphic design is an important factor in this. Faktor 22 excels in graphic design: we dare to say that with over than 10 years of experience!  And even more important: we let you excel. Whether it’s paper, screen, facade, clothing or company car – we make it and think along with you. 

A representation of your identity

Together we develop a strategy to take your branding and corporate identity to the next level. We think about the message you want to convey with your expression. This is where our expertise comes in: your message can already be misinterpreted with the wrong color or form. We ensure that your brand is experienced in the right way. We look beyond a beautiful design. Give us a free hand and we’ll come up with a brand-new representation of your identity. The ingredients? A banging logo, word mark, style elements, typography and use of color, which are fully in line with your products and/or services.

Your corporate identity as a means of communication

The corporate identity is the visual identity and recognizability of your company. This is the starting point for the look & feel of all communication with your customers. The corporate identity is applied consistently across all communication media to ensure maximum recognition and maximum trust among your target group. We shape the visual identity of your company in the broadest sense of the word: from the business card to the website. This will also bring you closer to the wishes of your target group. It creates more trust and increases your conversion rate. We describe your ideal customer and learn to understand them better, so you can approach them better.



When we create your corporate identity, we always take into account the accessibility guidelines into account. For example, by working with the right colors, we ensure that all your (potential) customers can experience your identity image optimally.

Tone of voice: text in your language

The texts on your website and other expressions are an important part of your branding. Texts do much more than just informing! If your texts are well structured and readable, your visitor will find what he is looking for, but will also get a positive image of you. Spelling mistakes, superfluous information and long sentences give a wrong and sometimes even unreliable impression. In your texts and branding, the tone of voice is an important aspect: this is your language, appropriate to your company, message and target group. By means of a tone of voice that is reflected in all your expressions, you strengthen your brand. Together, we create a suitable language that contributes to the recognizability of your brand.

Identity & target group form your branding

Faktor 22 creates your branding based on you and your target group. We will talk to you and find out about your core values. In addition, we carry out a target group survey and see how we can best get your message across. Based on these core values and the target group research, we will design a fitted corporate identity for your organization.  

We’ll introduce your branding:



designing or redesigning a logo


Web design

color, font, image usage



tone of voice


Social media

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.


Printed matter

brochures, flyers, banners, signposts, etc.

Need a new perspective on your business?

Curious about how we bring your identity, vision and target group together in a new branding strategy? Come talk to us! Tell us your story, we’ll translate it into a fitted design.

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