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In Google’s spotlight for your audience

You have been targeting your target group for a long time, but they still have to find you! From start to finish we take care of your online marketing. We come up with ideas, mold them into the right form, work them out and apply them. We make sure that the world will notice your company and we base this on your own strength.

Faktor 22 has been working for various companies for quite some time. Based on our experience, we can offer you a tailor-made action plan for the positioning of your company. We devise the logical steps on the way to making your company visible. As we know the most common pitfalls, we are able to advise you on how to present yourself online in the best possible way.

Online marketing: your platform is technically and content-optimized

By using online marketing, you improve the accessibility of your website, but also its quality. We help you with your content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) and different ways of advertising online. This is based on your own strengths and we optimize your platform, both technically and in terms of content. 

Content marketing & user experience

Your visitors want to be able to navigate through your website quickly and easily; you can contribute to this by means of a good user experience. A good structure is one thing here, this filling in with quality content is another. With qualitative content and informative content, you respond to the issues and wishes of the target group. Think of text, branding and a content strategy.



qualitative texts that provide information and stimulate action. If your texts are well structured and easy to read, your visitor will find what he is looking for. Good texts therefore also have an effect on your Google rating. Google sees there is information on your website that is actually being read and will reward your website in its positioning. Texts are also an ideal way to make your branding even more powerful. We create an appropriate language that contributes to the recognizability of your brand.


Branding and content strategy

we show your identity and translate your mission, vision and core values into a recognizable, appealing style. We implement this in various ways by means of a content strategy. You will show yourself and your relevance in blogs, social media, white papers, newsletters or landing pages.

SEO: the Google spotlights aimed at you

What is your goal and who is your target group? One of the methods to reach your target group is through optimization of your website (SEO). SEO is a web of spotlights that aims in all directions; the trick is to let them shine in one direction only. Google’s search engines are becoming smarter and smarter and are recognizing quality better and better. When your visitors stay longer on your website and perform actions, that is a sign of satisfaction according to Google. We apply SEO (search engine optimization) in your website, to make it easier to find. Factor 22 explains how SEO can add value for your company.

Online advertising

Online advertising is the next step in your online marketing. We are experienced in this and have this knowledge: we know when to use it and where the opportunities lie. What are we talking about here?


Determine search terms

We advertise on smart search terms: specific search terms or search terms that other parties have overlooked.



We promote blogs, pages or articles that highlight a topical, interesting or remarkable subject.


Follow up

We show ads to people who have visited your website before


Generate leads

We generate leads by, for example, promoting informative documents or reports (white papers).

Strengthen your online position?

Ready to strengthen your online position? Come and talk to us! We are curious about your goals and are happy to think along with you about the first steps.

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