Progressive web app

The best of an app and website, in 1?

The progressive web app! This is a mobile website with features of a native app. The native app is an app, as you know it: you install it from an app store on your mobile phone. However, you don’t have to install a progressive web app. You open the app via your browser and have direct access to it. With a web app you experience the best of both worlds: the advantages of a website and an app.

Ionic, Angular, Symfony

We create progressive web apps using framework programs such as Ionic, Angular and symphony. Take Ionic, for example, a framework and open source within which we design the web app. This program also has an output to save the created web app as a native app in iOS and Android: so, there are many similarities.

Progressive vs. Native

The progressive web app is an application linked to your site. If you save it to your phone, it will save it as a web app. This gives you the feeling that it’s an app: it looks a lot like it but can be accessed through your browser. Native apps are written for iOS or Android, but you don’t have to publish your web app to an app store. You manage it yourself, which in the long run can save you a lot of time and money. For example, you don’t have to pay subscription fees or delays during long updates. But there are many more benefits!

Advantages of a progressive web app

What are the advantages of a website that looks like an app? We have listed a number of them:


Fast loading time, diverse use

Because the progressive web app loads into a browser, consumes less data and does not need to be installed, it is easily available to various users and loads quickly.


Safe and cheap

The web app works via a browser and therefore via a secure connection (https). You don’t lose any extra costs, because you’re not connected to an app store.


Installing for offline use

If you place a web app on the start screen of your phone by means of a shortcut, it is basically installed. The cache has been saved and the app can be used offline.


Easy sharing

The web app can simply be shared via a URL. There are no installations involved here. An advantage of this is that no data needs to be left behind or traced.


Google indexing

The web app and its pages are seen by Google as a website. This allows it to be indexed, which increases the findability.



A web app is responsive. In other words: it works on any device and is clearly visible to everyone here. 



The web app resembles a native app. The interface, interactions and navigation are similar.



Interact with your users by means of push notifications. You can do this yourself via your system and it is cheaper, safer and faster than a native app.

Progressive web app? Let’s talk!

In short: with a progressive web app you can enjoy the advantages of an app and a website, without being dependent on app stores. Would you like to know which advantages apply specifically to your company? Then let’s talk about your goals and take a closer look at how a web app connects to them. Feel free to contact us without obligation!

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