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Jacob Steyn // Chiropractie Revalidatie Nijmegen
At Faktor 22 I was not only met with an incredibly creative mind but with someone who had understanding for what I wanted. It takes a special kind of person who is able to feel your needs and realising them. I was extremely happy with the final product and still am with the maintenance and improvements of it. I can certainly recommend working with this professionial on all levels.
Kalina Dancheva // Relay42
I’ve worked with Amir on diverse projects including printed marketing materials, advertising and re-branding of corporate identity.

What impresses me the most about Amir is that he is dedicated to the whole creative process – from the first idea to the delivering of the final print material. When working on new projects, he’s the person I call for ideas and practical tips. In his work, he has a sharp eye for details and takes care that our projects look professional, unique and consistent. Amir is very flexible and reliable. He has the rare quality to work creatively under pressure and has proven to get things done on time.

In short: Amir is a practical creative professional who strives for design excellence and makes sure that the process is easy, inspiring and productive.
Adjmal Sarwary // Mind Trace
Amir has created from the ground up a new website for us. But not only that, he incorporated and designed an entire house-style for our company. The result was simply amazing. Not only did we think so but our clients were impressed with our professional presence on the web. See for yourself his outstanding work, mind-trace(dot)com

The work experience with Amir was outstanding. He listened to my wishes and even though I might not have known exactly what I wanted he has the talent to ask the right questions. He could within minutes figure out the style that I was looking for and how he needed to design it to still give it the touch of our company.

Since that point on there is no doubt in my mind that with any work regarding illustrations, fotos, webdesign, animation, seo etc., Amir is my go to guy!
I can tell you, you will be happy to choose Faktor 22.
Ivan Moscovich // Designer of games, puzzles
When I needed help with some design issues, somebody highly recommended Amir Fahimnia to me. I am a game inventor and an author of visual books. Ever since we first worked together, Amir has become invaluable to my work. I am regularly enlisting his help and always to my greatest satisfaction.

Because of his ability as a natural problem solver and being a creative professional it is a pleasure to work with him. I am highly recommending Amir! He will be an asset in your problem solving and provide you with design solutions of the highest qualty.
Andreea Toporas // ConfExcel
At Factor 22 I got the professional help I needed to develop my site. Amir took the time and treated with patience any request or questions I had. Now I’m very happy with the site. Amazing work and very nice team to work with. Keep doing the good work!
Susanne Haubold
At Faktor 22 you can expect to get a good explanation and communication in advance. Our firm is super thankful for the Faktor 22 team. They are very creative and very knowledgeable. They provided us with an amazing website and kept us in the loop the entire process with frequent calls and making sure we approved each step along the way. Highly recommended to any companies in need to a new or updated site.