Web Accessibility

Your website, accessible to everyone

Digitally managing your business: we do it more and more. Banking, taxes, purchases, requests, you name it. The things that used to be handled with paper forms or a physical visit, can now be arranged at the push of a button. But has it really become that easy for everyone? Unfortunately for more than 2 million Dutch people, this is not self-evident: due to a restriction, digitization does not always mean convenience for them. At Faktor 22, we don’t want to exclude anyone. We achieve this by making all our websites and applications accessible, among other things.

User-friendly to anyone with or without limitation

Improved web accessibility is good for everyone! Whether you have a limitation or not. Extra thought is given to the structure and navigation of your website, so that everyone experiences a better user-friendliness. This can lead to an increase in your turnover, savings on your costs and less customer turnover. 

How do we proceed

Would you like a new website? Then we’ll make sure it’s easily accessible anyway. When we determine your strategy, we always include it in our plan.

How do we ensure that both people with and without limitations can read your website properly? We focus on color, code, images, links and text:



With the right color contrast, we make texts, surfaces and buttons easier to read.



When the source code meets web accessibility guidelines, digital screen readers can display the content correctly.



We place images with a clear description.



We place links with a clear description.



We make texts easy to read by paying attention to length and level of difficulty.

Who benefits from web accessibility?  

Everyone benefits from web accessibility! However, it is mainly aimed at people with a limitation. Visually impaired people depend on special devices to be able to read texts and use online services. If a website does not take these devices into account, it is made very difficult for these people. When zooming in, for example, important elements are omitted, or error messages are not seen. People with concentration problems or brain damage find it difficult to read long texts, which can be dealt with by means of short, powerful texts.  

People without limitations also benefit from accessible sites. The solutions for people with limitations automatically make it easier for them to read, understand and navigate a website.

Improved accessibility: increased turnover 

Improved accessibility can lead to improved sales. When visitors can easily get on with your website, for example, you will spend less time and money on your customer service. Or imagine that some of your visitors are unable to place an order and switch to another party: that will cost your conversions. In addition, your accessibility also affects the loyalty of your visitors: if they have had a user-friendly experience, they will also come back and share their positive experience with others. Web accessibility also ensures a secure future: this will always be important, and we see that in many countries accessibility laws and regulations are being implemented. With an accessible website you are not only socially responsible, but you also have a business advantage.

Would you like to become accessible to everyone?

Websites are our core business; web accessibility is our specialty. Do you, like us, use an inclusive approach and do you want a web design that fits this? Come and talk to us about the web accessibility of your new website!!

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