Web Applications

The extension of your company

A web application is online software that serves as part of or replacement for a business process. This software is custom-made and can be accessed anytime, anywhere, on a desktop or mobile device. Web applications are used as a service to customers or as an optimization tool for internal processes. In both cases it serves as an extension of your company!

Why a web application?

Web applications result in fewer human interventions: this not only ensures that personnel costs remain stable, but also creates a path to growth without additional personnel. With the help of a customized application, you always have a head start on other standard apps. Your application will be fully tailored to your company, wishes, budget and customers. We think along with you and involve you in every step of the process.

What can I expect?

You’ve decided: you want to build a web application to make your company, service or products work even better. What are we going to focus on in the development process?



We define the user: who is going to use the application and how is this an addition for the user to the current system?



Once we have determined who your user is, we always take into account accessibility guidelines. Your web application will be accessible to everyone.



If desired, we will also assist you in the realization of mobile apps, responsive websites and branding. We ensure that all your expressions are consistent and user-friendly.



For a complete integration, the current active systems in your company are linked to the new web application.


Further development

During the development of a web application, new ideas or questions sometimes arise. As far as we are concerned, this is very logical within this process! We take this into account and ensure that there is room to respond to it. Your web application is gradually being expanded, based on solutions and new ideas.

You want a webapp? Let’s get started!

Of course, we will work for you, but you too have a role to play in this process! The web application will be an extension of your company and must fit in seamlessly with it. We will therefore work together and involve you in every step of the process. You have insight into your project and understand what we are doing. This enables us to switch quickly and, if necessary, you can make adjustments where necessary: we do this together.

Need a web application?

Do you think a web application is a smart solution for your company? Or are you still not sure what you could do with it? Come and talk to us! We will discuss your goals and see if we can achieve them through a web application.

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