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All our experience and expertise in one website

Need a website? That is our core! We pump all our knowledge into our websites at once, through web design, user experience, web accessibility, branding and online marketing. This is not a ready-made package: we look at who you are, what your goals are and create a website tailored to your growth.

Define your goal and get into position

What your goals are, we will formulate together. For example, do you want more visitors, more conversions, discover a different market or create a stronger brand? Together we will define your question and the answer. Then we will build a custom website, for you and your target group, and put you in position in Google.

Tailor-made website and strategy

We use all our knowledge to create a successful website. This is never a ready-made or final package: we build to measure and on growth. We make a plan in advance based on your goals and ambitions and ensure that you can continue to grow. We design your website in such a way that you can continue to develop this is based on your potential growth, but also on the never-ending online technology. We apply our knowledge in the areas of web design, user experience, web accessibility, branding and online marketing.


Web design

Web design is an identity representation. The combination of our vision with the wishes of the customer brings us to this. We build websites based on the fast, user-friendly and secure CMS WordPress. This allows us to indulge ourselves in the field of design, conversion optimization, structure and technology. Together we determine the content, which you can ultimately also manage yourself.


User experience

We ensure that your website has a well-considered structure that creates a pleasant user experience. How do we determine this structure? We determine your target group: what are they looking for, what wishes would do they have and what solutions are appropriate. In this way, we find out how we can give them a pleasant user experience and how we can satisfy them. We highlight the most important topics and create an effective website navigation. This makes it easy for your visitors to get to where they want to be.


Web Accessibility

As far as Faktor 22 is concerned, Web Accessibility is a must for your website. You may also know this term as “accessibility”. By means of an optimal web accessibility, you ensure that all your visitors can navigate through your website properly: visitors with and without disabilities. An optimally designed website requires a different level of expertise, which unfortunately not all web agencies have yet. While all your visitors benefit from this! Also, people without limitations. An accessible website or application will result in an increase in your turnover, savings on your costs and less customer turnover. We think this is a very good development, which we would like to encourage. We also know that this will only become more important in the future.



Together we develop a strategy to take your branding to the next level. Give us a free hand and we’ll come up with a brand-new representation of your identity. The ingredients? A banging logo, word mark, style elements, typography and use of color, which best match your products and/or services. The corporate identity is the visual identity and recognizability of your company. This is the starting point for the look & feel of all communication with your customers. The corporate identity is applied consistently across all communication media to ensure maximum recognition and maximum trust among your target group. We shape the branding and visual identity of your company in the broadest sense of the word: from the business card to the website.


Online marketing

Higher up in the Google ranking? With SEO you can climb the ladder faster! SEO is the optimization of your website: one of the methods to reach your target group. SEO is a web of spotlights that aim in all directions; the trick is to let them shine in one direction only. We give advice based on our online expertise to various companies with different goals. Based on our experience, we can offer you a tailor-made plan of action for the online positioning of your company. We devise the logical steps on the way to making your company visible. As we know the most common pitfalls, we can advise you on how best to present yourself online.

Tailor-made website?

Do you want to grow and grow with a new website? Come and talk to us: we like to hear from you and think along with you. We take your ambitions in one hand, your target group in the other, and bring them together in one strategy. You are in direct contact with us during the process and always have a committed role.

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