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Accessible web for everyone, everywhere

Faktor 22 creates websites and conversions, based on WordPress and ingenious strategy.

Define your goal and get into position

As a web agency from Nijmegen, we define the identity and goals of your company and translate them to your target audience. We put you in a comfortable position and grow with you in online solutions.

  • Websites
    Websites are our core! We look at who you are, what your goals are and create a website tailored to your growth.
    See service Websites
  • Web Accessibility
    From a social & business point of view, we always and only make accessible websites. For everyone. Period.
    See service Web Accessibility
  • Web applications
    Optimize processes and services towards customers: web application as an extension of your company.
    See service Web applications
  • Branding
    Your company is your brand. We make your online appearance into a remarkable whole.  
    See service Branding
  • Progressive web app
    The best of both worlds: the benefits of a website and app in one! We create progressive web apps.
    See service Progressive web app
  • Online marketing
    You already found your target group, but how will they find you? We will help you achieve your goal.
    See service Online marketing
  • Passionate
    Faktor 22 works from passion: a passion for creating and design, but also for reinventing your identity. For us, a new design is much more than just a beautiful total picture.
  • Honest
    Honesty is the basis for a good cooperation for Factor 22. Honesty covers several important aspects, such as: sincerity, loyalty, openness and integrity… We can’t do without it!
  • Reliable
    We focus on good communication, create a long-term relationship and meet our commitments. Without mutual trust, working is not possible.

Inclusive approach, exclusive opportunities

Curious about our work? We look beyond the boxes of small and large and work for various companies, always with 100% passion and focus on quality.

Let’s Talk

Do you want to grow and grow with a new website? Come and talk to us: we like to hear from you and think along with you. We take your ambitions in one hand, your target group in the other, and bring them together in one strategy. You are in direct contact with us during the process and always have a committed role. 

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